Kate is the composer and visual creator of these thought provoking and powerful transformational music videos.

Each video contains it’s own unique message. Each one, in it’s own right, contributing to the vision of a world of difference.

Kate would like to thank author and writer ~ Louise Hatch ~ and music producer and engineer ~ Pete Booker ~ for their wonderful contributions to her music and these videos.

Kate Jaconello – LOVE
Kate Jaconello – FRAGILE
Kate Jaconello – EVOLVE
Kate Jaconello – BRAVE
Kate Jaconello is more than a breath of musical fresh air—she offers a life-enhancing gust of creativity.
Roger D’Arcy, Recording Architecture
Kate Jaconello – SOUL
Kate Jaconello – FIDUCIA
Kate Jaconello – SUNSET

© Music composed, played and co-produced by Kate Jaconello / © Words written by Louise Hatch / © Music co-produced and engineered by Pete Booker, Arcade Studios.

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